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At the 11th month of 2014, I got an Instagram challenge from Febry Fawzi called #bwchallenge. This challenge forced me to post five black and white photos in five days in a row. One day for one black and white photo. Yes, I leaved this blog for two months but I keep update in Instagram and Tumblr. Sorry. It’s normal to get bored sometimes, eh?

All of these photos were taken from my journeys so I can share it here 😀

One photo was taken from my latest trip in China last October 2014. It’s Xi’an who not only impressed me about Terracotta warriors, but also about its Islam community. Seeing the Koran’s verses translation in Indonesian, English, or another Roman characters might be a usual thing for me. But what if it was translated in Chinese character and chiseled on the wood that built the Great Mosque of Xi’an? That was really impressive.

One other photo was taken on my first mountain climbing in Papandayan, West Java, at the end of 2013. I was underestimated that journey. I thought it would not be that hard because it’s a short mountain. In fact, I was out of breath and became the weakest person on group. Then, it brought me to be the last person on the line.

Three other photos of them were taken in India. Well, India still has a love-able side for me though I had some quiet terrible experiences as you can read on my stories in this blog. India had opened my eyes for lots of things. But the most important thing is I learned to be more grateful for what I have in this life. I still have a desire to go back to India someday. Maybe for learning yoga, explore the whole colorful Rajashtan, do some kind of ‘The Beatles pilgrimage’, going to the north, and crossing border to Nepal.

So, here is the summary of #bwchallenge that I posted in my Instagram account.


Day 1 of #bwchallenge: Vasant Panchami.

Early February is the birth day of Saraswati; Goddess of knowledge, music, and art. It is believes as the birth day of knowledge to the earth. During the festival that held for two weeks, people worshiped Her to attain enlightenment through knowledge. It was really interesting to (unexpectedly) celebrate the birthday of whose Her name is similar with me. Read more about the story of me and Saraswati in http://goo.gl/yRO6JK. #Saraswati #Varanasi #India


Day 2 of #bwchallenge : Stepping the stone to the top.

December 2013 was the important month to me because I climbed my first mountain. It was the short one. Only 2665 meters. However, it was hard for me since I was not in good condition and no exercise at all before the trip. This journey had slapped me to take some routine exercise so I will not that weak anymore if I climb another mountain. #Papandayan #Garut #WestJava #Indonesia


Day 3 of #bwchallenge : Koran’s verses in Chinese.

I found it couples of months ago at the oldest and biggest mosque in Xi’an, Great Mosque of Xi’an. The main prayer hall was made from wood and the whole woods inside were chiseled in Koran’s verses. The upper side was written in Arabic characters and the down side was the translation version in Chinese characters as seen in photo above. Xi’an has a large Muslim community since the city played an imporant role in Silk Road. #GreatMosqueXian #Xian #Shaanxi #China


Day 4 of #bwchallenge : Maharaja’s view

There are many places in India that could bring me back to hundreds years ago just like a time machine. One of those places is my second favorite spot in India, Amer Fort. This huge and beautiful palace was lived in by the Rajput Maharajas and their families in 16th century. #AmerFort #Jaipur #Rajashtan #India #IncredibleIndia #tbt #throwbackThursday


Day 5 of #bwchallenge : Morning prayer in the River Ganga

“We were talking about the love that’s gone so cold
And the people who gain the world and lose their soul
They don’t know, they can’t see, are you one of them?”
(Within You Without You – The Beatles)


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