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Year of Wood Goat

Hello! Finally we meet again after two months inactive on WordPress. I just want to re-post what I already posted in Instagram.


“Forever friend(s). All dreams come true” – Genggong(13), Vinh, Thao
We wrote those wishes and hanged it on the ‘lucky tree’ that we found during Tết Festival in Southern Vietnam. It was the year of water dragon. On this year of wood goat, I hope that some of our dreams already came true, get closer to reach another dreams, and get back to travel together again. Happy new year! Chúc mừng năm mới!

#CNY #throwbackThursday #tbt

The photo above already shared in previous post. It was three years ago when I celebrated Chinese New Year in Vietnam. That was also the last time I traveled together with the people that I grew up with: (some of) Genggong13. Nowadays, it’s not an easy thing for us to gather back together and travel just like when we were in college. We are busy with our own life. May Allah always gives us the easiness in reaching every goal and dream. See you in the next trip (hopefully)!



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