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Sweet Escape

Yes, last time I updated this blog was almost two months ago. Well, I’ve been preparing for my thesis presentation that fall on this 27thNovember 2012. Wish me luck for that.  😀

According to Islamic calendar, this November 15, 2012 is the Islamic New Year day. That was fallen on Thursday, so the 2nd week of November in Indonesia is a long weekend.
I think that everyone agree that finishing thesis is not an easy job. It takes the whole space of your brain. It often makes you hard to sleep. Moreover, if you live in a crowd big city like Jakarta, your stressful level will be increasing for sure. Long weekend is the best way to escape from those things. I’m with my friends decided to escape from Jakarta and spend one day in a small city, Cianjur.
Cianjur is a small city that located in West Java province. It only takes 4 hours drive from Jakarta. This city is also very close to Bogor and Sukabumi. Cianjur is more well-known with its local rice than its tourism potential. So don’t get wondering why the people always connecting Cianjur with rice.
There are two tourism objects that make me so curious.
The first is megaliths site in Padang Mountain. Don’t get confuse if you see many numbers of symmetric big stones that spread around the hills. Some people believed that it was a big castle who already broken because of huge earthquake. Those stones are believed as relics of an ancient castle that built in B.C. 4700. Several sources says that this site is might be older than Giza Pyramid. Until now, many archaeologist who still finding out what’s on the inside of this megaliths site and try to reconstruct the actual shape of it.
You only have to pay 2000 IDR to enter this place. There are several rules that you have to obey. It is prohibited to take rocks outside the area, or lift-up the rocks and slam it.

And the 2nd place is Cikondang Waterfall. According to Sundanese language, “ci” means water and “kondang” means famous. I’m just guessing that may be this waterfall is famous enough among this area. The distance between those two places are far enough. Moreover, the street is very bad. Still consists of big rocks and soils. Dynamics of the road can cause headache and makes you feel wanna throw up.          
However, that sacrifice along the road doesn’t matter if you compared to this kind of waterfall.
Not so high but its wide. The flow is not really hard, so it’s really ideal to play on it. I think that still only few people who knows about this waterfall. I didn’t meet to other tourist. Many people who often play in this area are kids who live near to the waterfall.
Those two places are not close to each other. However, both of them are located 20 km from the town of Cianjur. I really enjoyed and satisfied with this one day trip. Well, I guess it’s a (very) sweet escape along this long weekend.

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