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Beside in here, I also have a not so famous Tumblr account. But sometimes, I found that several people reblogged or liked my post on my notification. Until one day, I found that two of my post about Vietnam was reblogged by one of Tumblr’s user named, asean-org. ASEAN? Are you kidding me?
That user was also followed me back. When I was looked into their account, I was surprised enough. That is an official ASEAN’s Tumblr account. It seems that they just made another social media account to promote ASEAN’s countries.
If you can see on, they always open submission for those who want to share everything about ASEAN. With their reblogged several times ago, I’ve shared about Cao Dai Temple and sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam.
Yesterday, I was just submitted three articles about Indonesia and I’d like to share it here. Just little information about two tourism objects and one figure in Indonesian traditional puppet. Well, they haven’t accept my article yet.
Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia

For Indonesian who wants to see savannah, they doesn’t need to go to Africa. Indonesia is also has it. That is Baluran National Park which located in Situbondo, East Java.  Baluran itself was taken from the name of mountain that located inside this national park, Baluran Mountain who has 1200 meters high.
Although the mascot of Baluran National Park is Javanese ox, this national park is famous as a conservation area for rare birds. At least 155 species of rare birds are live in here. However, the most famous one is peacock.
Vegetation type of this area is dominated by savannah (named Bekol Savannah) which covered 40% of total area. Even one source mention that Bekol Savannah is the vastest savannah in Java Island. This savannah is getting more and more exotic with appearance of  Baluran Mountain in the back part.  3 km from Bekol Savannah is also exist beautiful beach which famous enough among divers, Bama Beach. In other words, it can be told that Bekol Savannah is ranged between Baluran Mountain and Bama Beach. 
It takes 6 hours travels to reach Baluran National Park from other big city in East Java such as Malang or Probolinggo.  Ticket price to enter this national park is only 2500 IDR or 0.3 USD for adult.
Cepot. Indonesian Traditional Puppet Figure

Sastrajingga a.k.a Cepot. Cepot is the most popular puppet figure in West Java, then he becomes the icon of that province. Though usually the red color in puppet world describes a bad character, Cepot known as the most humorist puppet figure. Through his humor he tells us some several advice and criticism.
Gedong Songo Temple, Central Java, Indonesia

Located in southern part of Semarang, Central Java, this complex of Hindu temple is relics from Kingdom of Hindu Wangsa Syailendra . “Gedong” means building, and “songo” means nine, so the meaning of Gedong Songo is Nine Buildings. There are nine temples that spread among the hills of Ungaran Mountain.
It was founded by Raffles in 1840. At the first time he only found seven temples in this area. Then, he named it Gedong Pitoe Temples where “pitoe” means seven.  Lately, they founded another two temples again but not in intact condition. This temple has many similar things if we compared to the temples complex in Dieng plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java. From façade similar until placement of temples that spread among mountainside at 1200 meters altitude. Convinced that both of temples were built in the same period, which was at 7th – 9thcentury in the era of Syailendra Dynasty.

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