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Inspiring Travel Movies

Yesterday night, my friend who named his self as shabby backpacker asked to his thousand followers on Twitter.
Tweeps, do you know what the recommended travel movies are? Share it, please :D”
And as usual, suddenly my timeline was flooded with retweeted replied tweets who mention several movies title from his followers. From the travel movie itself, until movies where the location were had been inspiring them to go. Yes, it can’t be deny that sometimes traveling inspiration coming from a movie.
My friend, Adis (@takdos), admit that he was inspired to visit Phi Phi Island at Phuket, Thailand, from movie that starring by Leonardo di Caprio: The Beach. And he did it on January 2011. After Phi Phi Island, he was also motivated to visit Angkor Watt after watching Angelina Jolie’s action on Tomb Rider. Then, he did it again on January 2012.
From people of Twitter Land sharing last night, we concluded several recommended travel movies. They are Into the Wild, Le Grande Voyage, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, Eat Pray Love, Hello Stranger, 3 Idiots, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Motorcycle Diaries, Around the World in 80 Days, and so on.
Anyway, I have my own favorite travel movies list which inspiring me the most. Although I haven’t make them all happen yet. Hehe
1. 3 Idiots
    Movie who tells about three engineering students is not an adventurous movies such as Into the Wild. I guess, it’s more appropriate if it categorized as an Indian   comedy drama movie. However, I love this movie so badly. You got the laughs, the sadness, and also those many life lessons. The last scene of 3 Idiots was successfully makes me deeply falling in love with the place taken.
   The main character, Ranchordas Chancad (well, Pungsukh Wangdu actually) was finally met again with his two old friend and his lover in the valley of ice mountain. Feel curious, I looked forward to find out where the place taken was. Finally, I knew that was at the valley of Himalaya Mounts, Ladakh, Kashmir. Parts of India which takes 2 hours fly from Delhi to the north.   
   If you ask me which place that I really wanna go for this time, surely the answer will be: KASHMIR!
2.  Rambo First Blood part II
One of local TV station in my country had already playing this movie for several times, and my dad always watching it. He thinks that Co (the Asian woman one) is sooooooo beautiful. Well, I never watch it in full version actually, but my dad and Rambo was successfully made me curious about Vietnam. Thanks God, finally I saw the war remnants, tasted and experienced Vietnamese atmosphere directly last January.
3.  The Lizzie McGuire Movie
   While this movie version of Lizie McGuire series was booming in 2005, I never interested at all to watch it. 7 years from 2005, I found this movie was played on TV during school holiday. No idea what to do at home, then I just watched this movie. Hahaa
   It was not because the cute Lizzie or the handsome Italian young singer, Paulo, but it was all because Italy itself! The fountains, statues, old buildings, local culinary, and tiny alleys which are so Italian was impressed me so much more! Moreover, Lizzie and Paulo was spent time together by going around Rome with scooter. Oh my God…that is cute!
    Italy + vespa + handsome guy = PERFETTO!
4.  Eat Pray Love
No wonder why I was inspired by the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert. She traveled through Italy, India, and Indonesia—my country. In other words, she allied the countries that I really want to visit in a journey. I’ve been visited Bali before, next inshaAllah it will be India and Italy with its different purposes.
Yes, it will be the reverse version of Liz Gilbert’s journey, someday.  

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