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Long Road to Sand Dunes

When I was googling about “where to go in Ho Chi Minh City”, I was lost in a page which showing pictures of beautiful desert. Based on the information of those pictures, the sand dunes were located in Mui Ne, Southern Vietnam, which can be reached by 4 hours drive from HCMC. Before that, I only knew that sand-dunes were only in Africa or China, but hey that is in Vietnam! Closer than I have to go to Africa. Then, White Sand Dunes and Red Sand Dunes were counted in my ‘where-to-go’ list in HCMC.
Normally, Mui Ne can be reach in 4 hours IF there is no traffic jams, so most of people who visited Mui Ne usually reach that city in 6 hours drive from HCMC. Most of them are also spend one-night in Mui Ne, because it’s far enough from HCMC. However, I only have 4 days in Vietnam and I have to leave HCMC in the last days, so I was utilized that 24 hours to visit the sand dunes. Some people were surprised when they heard that I would go to Mui Ne in one day. Hehe
My journey was started at about 8 am from HCMC by using air-con bus. There is one different thing compared to bus that I used one-day before. If most of bus passengers during trip to Cu Chi Tunnel and Cao Dai Temple were foreign tourists, then most of bus passengers to Mui Ne were local people. Along 6 hours journey, the bus couldn’t stop playing local video clip on TV which shows Vietnamese lady in Ao Dai dress (Vietnam’s national costume) was singing while performing the traditional dance. Interesting!
Mui Ne is located in the seashore of small city in Southern Vietnam, Phan Thiet. While enjoying the panoramic view from the bus, I saw many dragon fruit’s trees. Lately I know that Phan Thiet is also known as dragon fruit producer. I was arrived at 2 pm while the sun was shine sooo brightly. From the bus stop to sand dune is still a long way to go. It’s about 7 km. Tourists usually rent a jeep or taxi to reach the sand dunes, but I took other transportation: bicycle. Renting bicycle is very cheap, but it takes more than 30 minutes cycling through the road until reach the sand dunes.
Tired, but that’s all worth it when the White Sand Dunes were spread out in front o you. That was AWESOME! I spent that evening at sand dune with taking photos in any kinds of poses, spinning here, jumping there. Well, that was so hard to action above the windy sand dune. From the top of White Sand Dunes, I watched the sun was sinking behind the South China Sea. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
in action at the White Sand Dunes
sunset at Phan Thiet Beach
The bus that took me back to HCMC was departed at 1 am. While waiting for the bus, I just hanged out in Mui Mart, had a very simple dinner, and just chit-chatted with my friends. There are so many luxurious resorts along Phan Thiet beach. Besides that, many street signs, ads, and restaurant name that written in Russian language. It looks so many Russian who spent their times in Phan Thiet.
I was arrived at 6 am on the last day in HCMC, so I just need 22 hours to enjoy Mui Ne that located 220 km from HCMC.  Haaaa! Absolutely, we were soooooo tired and sleepy so badly, but that was really fun and lil’ bit crazy. I promise to go back someday and spend several days in Mui Ne 😀 

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