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Travels in Starvation

As I told you before, most of city activities were stopped during Lunar New Year, except activities that related to tourism things such as travel agent’s office. They still provide several tourism packages during Lunar New Year holiday, but the tourism package price was bounced up twice!  So more than half of money that I’ve prepared for meals and shopping was spent to pay the tourism package.
My every morning breakfast was only a French bread. The seller of it was an old-woman with her tipping-cart. Actually, she sells some kind of sandwich with various toppings inside that French bread. However, I only could buy the cheapest one: the hard and plain one, which only 4000 VND. Okay, another Vietnamese word that I got was “banh mi” that means “bread”. I said it every morning to the seller until I could say it fluently in Vietnamese dialect. For the drinks, I bought 1,5 Lt mineral water that could lasted for 2 days and just depended on the free mineral water from the packet tour that I joined. LOL
Maybe if you are not Indonesian, it is a usual thing to have a breakfast with bread. However, did you know? For Indonesian who always eats rice three times a day in every meal, most of us always think that we have not a meal yet as long as we don’t eat rice. Although we already had huge portion of noodle, sandwich, or bread on that day.
While in HCMC, I didn’t found Mc Donald’s or Starbucks at all, but I found KFC and Lotteria (fast food restaurant that I never found in Jakarta before). Well, I still have a good and heavy meal…twice along 4 days in HCMC: when I just arrived and when I would leave the city.
Sadly, until now I haven’t taste pho—the famous Vietnamese noodle…. Just check out my friend’s blog who tasted it during his visited to Vietnam in another time : http://goo.gl/De34z
Talking about culinary besides pho, Vietnam is also famous with its coffee. However, I’m not a coffee lover, so I wasn’t tried it. Although I didn’t found Starbucks, I saw local coffee shop that has a modern and cozy design. If I saw the crowded inside of it, I guess Thrung Nguyen Coffee is the famous coffee shop in Vietnam.
Yeah, I didn’t taste much the local culinary. It can be told that I was traveling in starvation. Well, it’s better than I only could stay in one place or could not go anywhere. Haha 

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